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Top 3 Questions to Ask When Choosing an Event Management Company


Everything is bigger in Texas so if you’re looking to throw a party or an event, you want to make it memorable. The costs of hiring an event management company, entertainment, and providing food can add up rapidly. Without asking the right event manager interview questions, you could end up breaking the bank in no time.

Here are three questions you need to ask before you hire any old event company.

1) Can They Do Your Type of Event?

One of the most important things to look for when searching for an event management company is to ensure they know how to do your type of event. If you’re running a music festival and this event company does mostly kids’ birthday parties, you’re going to run into trouble.

Since price is going to inevitably come into play, you can’t go for the event company that the biggest names in the business use. However, you should never go with the cheapest option of anything in life.

See what they have to say about your event and ways they want to improve it. That will let you know what they can offer you and your event.

2) What Problems Can I Anticipate?

This might seem like an off the wall question but its one that’s going to get you a powerful response. When you know what problems you can and should anticipate, you can decide how well that management company knows events.

They’ll be able to find ways that you can protect yourself and your guests from catastrophe.

Most event management companies will try to tell you what you want to hear to get your business. This question forces them to think critically and be honest with you. When an event company really cares, they’ll want to make your event the best it possibly can be by finding ways to eliminate hurdles to fun.

3) How Could I Save Money?

When you’re asking for the moon from an event company, they’re going to be happy to add things to the list. Another table means another set of chairs, another group of people eating, and more time spent setting up and taking down. All around they see money adding up.

If they are an honest and trustworthy company, they’ll be able to help you find ways to cut back and scale your party to what it needs to be. While they’ll be able to make more money if they can rent you more tables, more tents, and more space, they can assess what you need right away.

If you tell them what you need in a straightforward way and that you want to save money, you can find out how honest they are.

Event Manager Interview Questions Should Be Direct

While you might think of some more appropriate event manager interview questions when seeking a company, they need to be straightforward. If you’re not direct with the event manager, you’re not going to get direct answers.

If you need more ideas on what to be asking, contact us right away.

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