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3 Critical Reasons Why You Need to Hire an Event Management Company


Did you know you’ll spend about 90,000 hours at work over the course of your lifetime?

If you manage or own a business, you’re constantly “on”, having to be available anytime the company needs you. Unless you find a way to clone yourself, there’s no way you’ll have the time you need to plan your next corporate event.

Even if you do find the time, you may go over budget in the process. Read on to find out how hiring an event management company can save you both time and money.

What Is an Event Management Company?

Not quite sure what an event management company does? They’re companies that take on similar roles as project managers. They’ll be the ones to execute your vision of the perfect event, party or conference.

Events you can get a management company for:

  • Presentations
  • Workshops
  • Company inaugurations
  • Conferences
  • Celebrations
  • Ceremonies

While your busy running the business, the management company will be securing every detail for your event. Next, we’ll look at the skills and expertise that make getting outside help worth it.

1) Creativity That Works

It’s easy to have a wonderful, big idea that’s horrible in reality. If you don’t have extensive experience throwing parties, your creativity might not go over well with attendees.

Event management team members will be able to provide you with creative ideas they already know will work. For example, they’ll know what themes are sure to catch your audience’s attention. They’ll also know the best ways to reflect the theme, without going over your budget.

2) Expert Budgeting Skills

Even the best financial planner can run into problems when they try to run an event. There are all types of hidden costs that are hard to predict without first-hand experience. Here are a few of the expenses many corporations forget to budget for:

  • Parking
  • Event rentals
  • Labor for setup and teardown
  • Catering
  • Entertainment

An event management company will already know all of the different costs your function will costs. Their experience in the event planning industry means they’ll know how to get you the best, most competitive prices available.

One of the best parts about hiring event services is being able to take advantage of their connections with suppliers and entertainment. Trying to plan an event on your own could mean you end up paying double or triple for different expenses, like chair rental.

Did you know that the prices for renting chairs can range anywhere from $1.00 a chair and up? If you have a couple of hundred guests, or more, your chair rental price can quickly escalate. Instead, save time and money by letting the experts negotiate all of your rental prices.

3) Skilled Team Member Qualifications

Quality event companies will be able to provide you with a wide variety of event themes and services. Before you call any companies, think of a few themes that would work for your event.

When you do call an event company, ask them what themes they offer. If a company has trouble answering your questions, it might be a sign of bad business. Good event management companies won’t have any problems answering all of your questions and instead will welcome your inquiries.

Speak to an Expert Planner

When you’re hiring an event management company, make sure you find a reputable team. Cosmo Cool Concepts, Inc. has years of experience helping deliver the finest in customer experiences. We provide customized, creative ideas to help you and your attendees have a fun time. We’re well-known for our expert knowledge in decor, audiovisual, entertainment, food and beverage management.

Take a moment to enjoy looking at our gallery, showcasing a few of our many successful events. When you’re ready, you can reach out to a Cosmo Cool Concepts team member using the contact us page.

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